Ed Sheeran is one of the most amazing artists that are out there right now. He became famous thanks to “A-Team”, “Lego House” and “Give Me Love” and well … all his other beautiful songs. 

Really soon (23rd June) we will be able to listen -and sing along- to new songs, with his second album “x” (multiply). The album was produced by Pharrell Williams which also sings additional vocals on this single.

This song is the essence of summer. The guitar is, as usual, incredible.

So what are you waiting for go and listen to it…



Today I’m writing about an amazing band: Hedley.

Hedley are a Canadian pop-rock band that I came to know with the song “One Life” which was taken from the album “Storms” (2011). Needless to say that I loved them from the begging and I was super excited when they came out with thins new single for their new album “Wild Life”.

This song has the right amount of synthesizer, drums and guitar but the most important detail are the gang-vocals which really spice up the song. The lyrics are just so inspiring and, last but non least it makes you want to dance.

So let’s dance.


You’re my hero … you saved my life


Today I have something a bit different than usual. It’s not a “review”, just my thoughts on something I read.

So recently I was reading this post on tumblr by Chris Motionless from the band Motionless In White ( ) and I have to say that it gave me a lot to think about. Especially what he writes in #2:

This “you saved my life”, “you’re my hero” and “you’re my voice” thing has become an unbearable burden and a downright eye roller. NO. I did not save your life.

(to understand better what I’m going to say you might want to read #2)

It’s true that as a fan of a band you might end up looking up to the members of this band but really don’t forget that they are just people like you and me. I personally never idealized a band member much. I just admire their music and life of touring around the world. But I think it’s only recently that I REALLY realized that their are, in fact, just “normal” people. They have a house, they go shopping, they clean their rooms, they have their problems, they have hobbies just like we do and when someone says this or that person from that band is my hero or he saved my life, I can’t help to think that:

1) a hero could really be anyone not just a musician and apart from someone who might physically save your life (a fireman, a doctor?), we save our own lives. Because if we don’t want to be saved or helped no one CAN save/help us.

2) that this person can’t say to themselves that they just simply, matter-of-factly, helped themselves. Which is immensely sad.

In my opinion music can help us help our self. Relating to and finding comfort in lyrics that express exactly how you feel in a particular moment can just make us see how we feel and maybe they help us to let go of bad feelings.

I don’t know got what I’m trying to say. Still I hope you…


(Image by eddy barrows )

myPod #18 Black Veil Brides


Recently I’ve been reconsidering Black Veil Brides and I have to say that they aren’t bad at all. Particularly the song “Rebel Love Song” which is a favorite of mine. This song is taken from their album “Set the World On Fire” (2011).


Keep On Keeping On (feat. Brandon Urie)

 Okay so Travie McCoy, Gym Class Heroes’ lead singer, is back with his solo career and new music. His first album “Lazarus” was nice and danceable. So I’m definitely looking forward to the new album which should be called “Rough Water”.

This is the second single features Brandon Urie, Panic! At the Disco’s lead singer, it’s a very catchy song and it makes me want summer so bad. The message is amazing and I really think that’s never to overlook. Also the video is really cute.

[I still have to listened to the first single which has the same title as the album and features Jason Mraz. I’ve been looking online for reviews and from what I saw the song wasn’t bad but it just didn’t become a hit. But I’ll let you know what I think as soon as I have listened to it.]

"You gotta keep on keeping on, even with the feeling that you’re gonna keep losing".


myPod #17 Pearl Jam

I just re-discovered the pleasure of listening to this song which is perfect for this Sunday evening.

Just Breathe by Pearl Jam




Today I’m introducing you to the band that I’ve been listening to non stop since I saw them live as support band at All Time Low’s concert back at the end of February. Blitz Kids!

Blitz Kids (Joe James, Jono Yates, Nic Montgomery, Matt Freer) is a band from England. When I first saw them at the concert I immediately understood how good they were and I soon felt that I had found a really complete band with incredible musicians.

The first song on the album “All I Want Is Everything” is a great opening and kind of a “soft” more melodic song considering what comes up next. “Run For Cover”, “On My Own” and “Sometimes” (which are also the singles so far released) with more kick ass guitars and relatable lyrics.

Going on we arrive to “Long Road” a much more acoustic song. “Perfect” has got really catchy lyrics and guitar. I think that it is really representative of their style. 

Coming to the end of the album we have “Roll The Dice” and the last song “The Sound of a Lost Generation” which tells us that “Here’s to out future”.

Such an amazing album which has also been received well by the critics. They are amazing live, they really get the crowd to jump and enjoy their-self even if they don’t know the band. Joe James has got an incredible voice the lyrics are good.

Here it is the song I enjoyed the most, probably because I feel like I can relate really good to it (even though it’s not the best song in the album, which I think is “Title Fight”).


I Really Want It


A Great Big World is a new revelation for this new year. This duo (Ian and Chad) is from New York City and oh my God they are both such good songwriters.

This duo has everything that I love about indie bands plus that something special (that extra touch just to be clear). Their first single “This Is The New Year” was also covered in the tv series Glee. But you will surely know them for the most incredible song that’s been around since September and I’m talking about “Say Something” but it probably became more famous when back in December the song was re-released featuring Christina Aguilera. If you haven’t listen to this song what are you waiting for?! ) 

Back to their first album “Is There Anybody Out There?”. I can’t explain how much I love the piano parts in every song single song, it makes their songs much more interesting. They both have incredible voices. In one songs they have some sick trumpets. This album also has in my opinion a very good balance between slow and up-tempo songs.

In the end they are an incredible mix of Fun. , Twenty One Pilots, Owl City and amazing indie-pop rhythms, the most funny and cute lyrics I heard in a while and that little extra touch.

It was really hard to choose a song but if you liked it you should go and listen to the whole album!


How old am I now?


Today it’s two years that I’m writhing about music. :)

And there is much more to come, stay tune.


Miles Away feat. Kellin Quinn

This is part two of yesterday’s post.

Memphis May Fire is a metal core band from Dallas. The band has released three albums and on March 25th they will release their new album “Unconditional”.

I discovered them thanks to the cover of Janick Thibault of this song. 

If you don’t get scared by a bit of screaming you will definitely like them, especially because you can tell what the hell they are singing.

I feel like I’ve written this before but just to be sure, this isn’t usually the kind of music that I listen to but they are good and if you’re open to a little bit of change you might like them.

Another song that I likes by this band is “Sleepless Nights”, which is one of the new singles for their new album. (


Miles Away feat. Kellin Quinn (Acoustic Cover)

First of all this post will be divided into two parts because I just discovered this amazing artist, Janick Thibault, on YouTube and he made me discover this band called Memphis May Fire. So today I’m going to write about Janick and tomorrow about Memphis May Fire.

What to say about this boy? He is the founder of the band Amasic, which used to be a one-man band in which he used to play all the instruments. He than decided that he needed a band. Amasic have already played lots of lives and opened concerts for Simple Plan. All this without eve being singed with a label, I’m impressed. Oh I may have forgotten to mention that they are Canadian too. 

I literally spent all night last night to watch Janick’s covers and I really think that he and Amasic will become even more better and we will definitely hear more of them in the future. 

New Amasic song will be out this Saturday so wait for a new post!

This Saturday This is one of Janick’s covers that liked the most.


myPod #16 All Time Low


Since that on Friday I’m going to see All Time Low live again, I started to re-listen to all of their songs and I became obsessed with this one.

This song is taken from the album “So Wrong, It’s Right (Deluxe Edition)” (2007) which is their second album.

"Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For a Night) [Acoustic Version]":